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My name is Yixun Li
I am a graduate student studying Interactive Design & Media (IDM) at New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

I am a very focused person and I am very willing to learn tools for design work quickly if it is needed. I am also very humble and like to develop myself with a variety of skills through different experiences. My visual design background made me carry a strong visual sensibility and aesthetic ability, which you can find in my portfolio works.

I am a passionate learner and eager to begin my career in the UX/UI design field with various technical abilities such as UX research and design, data visualization and analysis, user interface design, and prototyping.

 I like to develop myself with a variety of skills, which include coding, prototyping, audio visualizing, making music, cooking, making cocktails, etc. I am currently building my 3D modeling and VR/AR skills, which are included in my Daily 3D page.

Please download my portfolio and resume below! Please also contact me via email!


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