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Artisk is an artificial intelligence design tool created by our team from the year of 2023.
It utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology and integrates text-to-image capabilities along with advanced brand system design and other newest technologies. Delivering and adjusting brand designs and strategies for unique needs and personalized for each user.


Design System

I was one of the first people to participate in this project. Fortunately, when I first came to this team, I had a selfless mentor who taught me and strictly required me to learn about the design system. I became proficient and taught this skill to subsequent UX/UI members.

A good design system not only saves time but also serves as a great way to communicate with the developers and even the entire team.


Beta 1.0 – Mobile Version

Our products will be launched soon. It is divided into two parts - a web version and a mobile version. Although the content is basically the same, the layout, typesetting, and component construction are very different.

I first started making this product from the mobile version. After the high-fi version of beta1.0 was completed, we converted it into a web version design.

Splash Screen.png
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Due to the project hasn't launched yet,
more pages will be coming soon...

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